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damsel fly on reed watercolor cropped_ed

Cary Wendell  Paintings/Murals/Set Designs

Lone  damselfly
watercolor   12"x9"

Cary Wendell is a painter, set designer, scenic and mural artist now living in central Maine. My paintings and drawings in watercolor, pastel, charcoal, ink, and acrylic shown in this website are for sale unless otherwise noted.  Most Recent paintings follow the introductory section


I am also available to design theatrical sets, do mural commissions, and scenic painting. Examples of my theatrical and mural work are displayed in the latter half of this site. For inquiries or comments please contact me at:  (603) 793-0651

Cary Wendell 726 River Rd., Norridgewock, Me. 04957

Dockside on Crawford Pond  
Reed reflections                      Ink on rice paper  9"x12"
Market Square mural                                36'x46'
The cabin on Crawford Pond
pastel on paper 9"x12"
Androscoggin backwater
Acrylic  12"x16"
"Largo Desolato"     Generic Theater  McDonough St. Studio Portsmouth, NH                                  photo by Andrew Edgar

My junior high art teacher, Kathy Dugas Brown and my mentor at Haverford College, Charles Stegeman, were my main sources of formal painting training.  After graduating from Haverford College with a BA in Fine Arts in 1972, I attended the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts in Alberta, Canada for the summer. The following school year I returned to Haverford College assistant teaching painting and drawing as a post graduate student.  In 1973/74 I continued my studies at the Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts.  During my college days I painted mostly in oil, but since then I have been working largely in acrylics and pastels. 

                                             Painting: early inspirations

Creativity and a love of nature are in my family’s DNA. My grandmother, a graduate of the Art Students’ League in the 1920s, hooked rugs that featured animal life and landscape imagery. My father, a chemist by profession, loved photography and home remodeling. My mother created educational display panels that she took to schools to promote appreciation of the environment. My artistic development is the direct result of the passion for art, nature, and creativity that I grew up with.

Painting first in watercolors and then oil, pastels, and acrylic, I have always been inspired by nature. I find myself drawn to a few themes in my painting: natural patterns such as rippling waves and reflections on water, tree branches silhouetted against the sky, clouds of a sunset, or shapes carved in sand by the ocean. I'm also inspired by the drama of atmospheric lighting effects experienced in fog, sunrises and sunsets, or approaching storms. Many of these paintings were done from the porch or the dock of the cabin my grandmother had built on a lake in Maine.                                                                                    

    Recent Acrylic Paintings from  '23 and '24

Seen better days                        (framed)          $475                                                       18x24
frosty window cropped_edited.jpg
Frosty window      (framed)     $100 8x10           
Duck pair             $120             10x10
Houston Falls.jpg
Houston Falls       (framed)                      SOLD                               14x18
Teresa painting enhanced_edited.jpg
Race Point_edited.jpg
Heading 5
Sunset in Skowhegan         (framed)                   $280                 14x18
Waves of snow       (framed)          $175        11x14
Teresa                     $120         10x10
Race Point  Cape Cod    (framed)            $475         18x24
Yarmouth marsh    (framed)              $160           11x14
Yarmouth pier      (framed)                  $280              14x18
Desmond in his light            NFS                                 14x18 
Coburn Park late autumn         (framed)                                  $475                                       18x24
winter wonderland_edited_edited.jpg
Yarmouth tide   (framed)   $125  10x10
Desmond           NFS            10x10 
peaches at bowl adjusted_edited.jpg
Peaches at her dog dish   $125  10x10
Winter wonderland                                        (framed)      $475                                             18x24
kitchenterior adjusted_edited.jpg
Kitchenterior                                $250                         18x14
backyard feeders_edited.jpg
Birdfeeders         $125           10x10 
backyard snow square_edited.jpg
Fresh snow   $125                10x10 
Raging Kennebec      (framed)                $280                     14x18
Houston Falls 2 cropped.jpg
Below Houston Falls     (framed)                 $280                   14x18 

More Acrylic Paintings

on paper 12"x9"
End of Autumn          $160
Heavy branches            SOLD
Skowhegan Dam at sunset_edited.jpg
Skowhegan dam at sunset     (framed)                $350                           16x20
From the garden        (framed)                $160                  11x14
Albert            $120                  10x10  
Spring Thaw acrylic.jpg
Spring melt               (framed)            SOLD
Icy sunset          (framed)                        $280                   14"x18"
Coburn Park pond 1_edited.jpg
Peaches in suitcase_edited_edited.jpg
Peaches on vacation                   SOLD
sunset 2 tweaked_edited.jpg
Norridgewock sunset   SOLD   14"x11"
Coburn  Park  late fall          (framed)         $280        14"x18"
Cape Elizabeth_edited.jpg
Cape Elizabeth sunset      (framed)          $250                    18"x24"
Exploded view of a tree             $320                      16"x20"
Skowhegan Dam 10x10_edited.jpg
  Skowhegan dam late winter      (framed)     $125     10x10
Mermaid Rock Lake George    (framed)     $180    11x14
sunset over Skowhegan_edited.jpg
River Road sunset      (framed)       $180               11x14   
Mill Stream                        $320                                    16"x20"
Backyard winterscape   $120        10"x10"
 Skowhegan  dam rocky banks   (framed)         $160             10"x10"
Autumn in Coburn Park            $175                             12"x16"
Overlooking the Kennebec       $225                       16"x20"
Coburn Park pond 3_edited.jpg
Early snow at Coburn     (framed)             $280           14"x18"    
Winter full moon        $125             10"x10"
Full moon labyrinth North Hampton Beach      $120             10"x10"

Poppins is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs.

Morning sun burning through         SOLD
Rag doll rendezvous             SOLD
Sunset on Cape Cod Bay              SOLD
Skowhegan sunrise from River Road   (framed)    $175     11x14
Bowl with fruit and veggies     (framed)        $160
Mossy forest floor         $160
Kennebec River from Coburn Park             16x20                                      $350
Next Door Neighbors  NFS
Norridgewock fields   on panel                 $65
Lake George     Rocky bottom     acrylic      $120      11"x14"
Dam on the Androscoggin               SOLD                                           16"x20"
Cats in their light    on wood SOLD
Norridgewock pasture                                NFS                          
Truro fog    (framed)   $100  10"x10"
View from Great Island_edited.jpg
Heading 5
Great Island on Crawford Pond                   NFS                                      12"x16"
Backyard blues   SOLD       10"x10"
Afternoon on River Road  $100    10"x10"
Blueberry fields, Rockport   (framed)   $175   11"x14" 
Waves at sunset    (framed)      $175     11"x14"
Dam on the Kennebec, Skowhegan           $320                16"x20"   
Urban Forestry Center      watercolor            framed      $240           12"x16" 
dam painting 2.jpg
Dam on the Kennebec Skowhegan    acrylic   SOLD      11"x14"
Norridgewock blizzard   (framed)    $350   20"x16"    
Cape Cod Dunes  1             acrylic            $200        16"x20"  
Cape Cod Dunes 2           acrylic           $200             16"x20"
snowprints painting cropped.jpg
Snowprints     acrylic   $100    10"x10"
Raindrop ripples   acrylic          $100   10"x10"
Cardinal      acrylic   SOLD     10"x10"
crawford sunset vertical 2_edited.jpg
LG sandy bottom painting_edited.jpg
dam palette_edited.jpg
Heading 5
Cape Cod Dunes 3     acrylic     $200     20"x16"
Crawford Pond sunset 1        acrylic        $300        16"x20"
Heading 5
Crawford Pond sunset 2  (framed)               $350    20"x16"
Crawford Pond sunset 3     (framed)           $350    16"x20"
Exeter Woods       acrylic       $300       20"x16"
Exeter Woods abstract  acrylic   $300    20"x16"
Lake George early spring       acrylic    SOLD      11"x14"
Lake George sunny bottom       acrylic      $120      11"x14"
Skowhegan dam flood waters  (framed)    $175        11"x14"
Ripples and lilypads           watercolor on paper    $110                                                        8"x11"
waves and reeds       sumi ink on paper    $85         8"x 11 1/2" 

Drawings in charcoal, pencil, ink

Heading 2

Clurie Bennis                  $75                      12"x9"
The young violinist          $75                     12"x9"
The composer                   $75          12"x9"
The conductor                                 $75                          9"x12"
Still life with skull.jpg
Ominous still life                  $75                                       9"x12"
Desmond sneaking a peek                      $75                   9"x12"
Crawford Pond storm                          $90                      9"x12"
Young Desmond      $60  
Hanging by a thread           5"x7"
Iraqi mourners 1           $90
Iraqi mourners 2                            $90                              9"x12"
Peggi napping                                                                SOLD
sumi ink on rice paper    24"x36"

Pastels: on paper unless otherwise noted

Journals on the table
on paper 9"x12"
View through the Pines         $80
The Green House                   $100
on paper 9"x12"
Water Striders                         $75
on paper 6"x9"
Early Morning on Crawford Pond          $100
Crawford sunset 1       $100
Striped sunset on Crawford      $80           9x6
Damsel flies chilling   (framed) $100
Lily Pads               $80
Storm coming                  (framed)      $120
Bright mist on Crawford            $100
Crawford sunset 2                   $100
Late light on Crawford                    SOLD
High water mark                              $90
Waves on the shore       $90
Shoreline grasses                        $90
on paper 9"x12"
Down to the dock            $90
Sandra in the labyrinth North Hampton Beach  NH NFS
I am not a vegetarian  SOLD
gouache on watercolor paper 8"x12"
Crawford sunset 3           SOLD
Crawford sunset 4           $75
Kitchen Jotul           $60
Imploded mushroom        
Fallen mushroom             5 1/2"x8"
Twin mushrooms        SOLD
Lone mushroom   SOLD
Remnants of autumn           5 1/2"x8"
Norridgewock Winter 2              $100                                      9"x12"
West Coast forest fires East Coast sun                                              $90
Reeds on waves           $80            on pastel board   8"x10"
Autumn on the Kennebec River     (framed)  $100
Provincetown dunes  (framed)     $200
 Reeds and Lilypads     on pastel board     8"x6"                                        $85
Norridgewock Winter 1                                   $75
on pastel board  7"x5"
Norridgewock Winter 3      $90
Backyard colors                     $90                                                9"x12"

 Murals;  Designing and Painting for the Theater; 

In 1981, my wife and I moved to Portsmouth, NH. In the early 80s it was hopping with creative energy. During my first 2 years in Portsmouth, I helped found a gallery and a mural company.  Market Square Murals, later Mural Works, grew out of a volunteer mural project some of the gallery members painted on a four-story, temporary, plywood wall after a partial building collapse in Market Square, Portsmouth. The mural is shown at the top of this website. It depicted the 2 buildings behind the façade as it looked in the early 1900s. Our 4 story mural stayed in place for over a year and drew a lot of media attention. A Yankee Magazine article led to a major commission to paint images throughout Christ the King Church in Ludlow, Mass. Mural Works, remained a partnership for 11 more years, earning grants from NH and Maine Arts Commissions, as well as churches, banks, restaurants, schools, and public spaces.


Also during that time, with a small group of new friends, we helped found Generic Theater. From 1981-2020, Generic Theater gave me the opportunity to act, direct plays, design and create sets. Collaborating for nearly 4 decades contributed immeasurably to my appreciation of the art of theater as well as my development as a designer.  By filling multiple production roles, I became aware of the unique needs of actors and directors, that a set designer must satisfy.

Murals and scene painting

  2 New murals in 2023: Emery Square, Norridgewock, Me.

Norr mural best_edited.jpg
Emery Square mural   October 2023           8'x16'          Norridgewock, Me
Christ the King_edited.jpg
Christ the King Church    Ludlow, Ma Market Square Murals
Rail Trail mural    November 2023          4'x8'      Norridgewock , Me.
Benton Elementary School,  Benton, Me.      acrylic on cutout plywood pieces  on 5 walls       6'x40'           Mural Works
Benton Elementary School           acrylic on cutout plywood pieces                   Mural Works
Manchester Mural_edited.jpg
"Lest We Forget"  designed by Gordon Carlisle    Mural Works 42'x100'
"Arcadia"  painted backdrop for "Acadia" at Phillips Exeter Academy
"Arcadia"   set      Phillips Exeter Academy
better mlk_edited.jpg
Heart Land at Goodspeed _edited.jpg
"Heart Land"     charge artist      Goodspeed Opera House Chester Conn.
"The Tempest"       scenic artist           Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, Cleveland, Oh
MLK mural  acrylic on 3 panels                       10'x12'
Phillips Exeter Academy
"Jungle Book"       scenic artist       backdrop (1 of 8)  35' x '80'   Mystic Studios, Dedham, Ma.                                                                                       Animal Kingdom stage at Disney World 
"Jungle Book"    installation    Animal Kingdom stage  Disney World
"When You Plant a Seed"    Eastern States Exhibition   West Springfield Ma.     Mural Works   acrylic on plywood panels        partial view      6'x24'
The Grotesque History of Marie Antoinette   backdrop   Players Ring    Portsmouth, NH

Set Design Process


In 1995 I went to grad school to pursue an MFA in Scenic Design and Technology at Ohio University, where I was awarded a full assistantship as the paint shop manager. My training culminated in an apprenticeship at Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut, which led to me becoming the staff scenic artist for a time.

Cary discussing set ideas with the NH Theatre Project design team for the 125th anniversary of the Portsmouth Music Hall 

Designing sets for the theater involves collaboration with other artists. After initial discussions with the design team and active research and analysis on my own (visual, literary, and historical), I must tap into my imagination for solutions. In grad school I built a shelf that fit over a bath- tub. On it I put a candle, a small sketch pad and pencil, and card stock with scissors for modelmaking.  To this day I find that long, hot soaks in a bathtub, lead to my most fruitful solutions. I listen to some relaxing instrumental music and let ideas drift in. Solutions to design or construction problems are often achieved by passively receiving them from within my imagination rather than actively grabbing for them.   

Set Designs:  Graduate school, community, professional

A Doll's House Part 2        Threshold Stage Company 
Set model                              2023
A Doll's House Part 2        Aurora Borealis effect
"Largo Desolato"      Generic Theater      McDonough St. Studio     Portsmouth, NH          photo Andrew Edgar
"On the Verge"     Generic Theater      at The  Players Ring Theatre       Portsmouth, NH
"Not on this Night"        Dream On  Productions                Garrison Players     Dover, NH
Doll's House Part 2     tech team on set 
"Measure for Measure"   Ohio University
 "Measure for Measure"     preshow rave      Ohio University
"12 Angry Men"      Palace Theatre     Manchester,   NH
"Angel Street"                  Monomoy Theater               Chatham, Mass
"Life With Father"            Monomoy Theater                  Chatham, Mass
"Of Mice and Men"    Palace Theatre   Manchester, NH
"The Diary of Anne Frank"     Palace Theatre   Manchester, NH
"The Crucible"                 Monomoy Theater                      Chatham, Mass
"Cabaret"           Seacoast Repertory Theatre       Portsmouth, NH

Set Designs at Phillips Exeter Academy

In 1998 Phillips Exeter Academy hired me to be their first Designer/ Technical Director and teacher of Stagecraft for the Theater and Dance program. I used Michael Gillette’s Theatrical Design and Production for my classwork. Gillette describes set design as a process rather than an art form. He details the process in a flow chart that constantly cycles back to the primary question – does this solution serve the play and the production concept as defined by the director?  In the educational setting where I was now working, I was able to share this process with my students and my colleagues. I believe that modelling a robust and collegial collaboration with a design team is the most important lesson I taught in my 22 years there.  In addition to involving my students in the design process I also taught them in practice how to build and paint sets. They impressed themselves by building platforms and stairs that actors could actually walk on while applying faux painting techniques to make wood look like marble.

Heading 5
"MacBeth"   Banquo's ghost
Heading 5
"The Wizard of Oz"      gates to the Emerald City
"MacBeth"      witches' prophecy
"The Good Woman of Szetchuan"    the tobacconist's shop
"The Good Woman of Szetchuan"   the water seller's sewer
Heading 5
"The Crucible"
12th Night.jpeg
"Twelfth Night"
"Twelfth Night"          Olivia and Malvolio
The Foreigner
"The Cripple of Inishman"
Urinetown hideout.JPG
"The Madwoman of Chaillot"
The Dispute.jpg
"The Dispute"
"Little Women"
"The Man Who Came to Dinner"
"The School for Wives"

            Having retired from the rigors of work at Phillips Exeter Academy, I now find myself living in a beautiful area in central Maine, with more time to paint, create murals, and explore new theater opportunities.

Cary Wendell

Contact:          cell: (603) 793-0651               726 River Rd., Norridgewock, Me. 04957
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